Back to the Basics….

If you've been feeling a sense of stress permeating the air, I want to say that you're not alone. Just the other day, before I got out of bed, I was having one of my many conversations with God and he asked me, "Is everything on the ICloud? and Do you need to email yourself anything?" Sure, my first thought was, "that's an odd message," but I followed my strict instuctions, and then began my day of seeing clients, and then stopping by Barnes and Noble to finish preparing for the workshop that I'm hosting this weekend. Well as it turns out, someone was watching me/my car while I was in the bookstore. Because after I left the bookstore, I walked out to my car and placed my computer bag on the floor behind the driver's seat, disguising it with my yoga bag. I, then, proceeded to go for a brief walk to get a breath of fresh air. I was only away from my car about 10 minutes or so, but within that short period of time, someone took it upon themself to break into my car to steal just my laptop. They knew exactly where it was, and where I was!! To top it off, the individual(s) were so clever that they left zero evidence my car had been vandalized. It wasn't until I had gotten home and grabbed my computer bag that I noticed that something was missing. To be honest, I wasn't that shocked. In fact, I couldn't even really be that upset...because God told me to "back-up" my information. I had been warned. So with that, I want to inspire all of you to continue to connect and listen to your intuition. It will guide you. It may not show you the "big" picture, but it will give you the next step on how to live your life.