Inspired Reading with Angela

“Angela is the real deal. She’s as genuine as the day is long and truly blessed with an amazing ability to help you in whatever you need to live a rich and fulfilling life. She sure has helped me.” - Z. J. Czupor
Are you ready to make a CHANGE in your life? Are you willing to add more JOY to your life through fulfilling your life's purpose and mission? Are you ready to release the barriers that may be keeping you "stuck?" As a gifted intuitive, healer and spiritual teacher, Angela connects with your Divine spiritual messengers, inner wisdom, and loved ones (humans and pets) who have transitioned to the other side. Angela provides clarity, support and  direction on your path.  If you are ready to heal your life: spiritually, emotionally and physically and have questions regarding relationships, health or career choices,  a session with Angela will assist you in successfully navigating your way through challenging situations and point you in a direction on how to manifest a life you love!


( phone, skype or in-person)

30 minutes | $85

60 minutes | $135

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One of the fastest ways to make a change in your life is through consecutive Intuitive Coaching sessions. It's no secret that working together during a short period of time builds momentum for change and success! If you shall find yourself caught up in the anxiety of your future, or lacking direction or motivation, let's work together so that you get clear on your goals and align your internal energy for attracting the life you desire. It is within our partnership, dialog and Angela's intuitive Divine connection that miracles happen! Angela's coaching packages are individually based. Together we come up with a strategy for mastering your life's purpose. This is a process, and not one size fits all.  Angela's coaching packages consist of soul clearings and alignment, cranial sacral, Reiki, techniques for healing mental and emotional barriers, and a game plan on how to connect with your intuitive nature and achieve your goals!

*Sessions in person, by phone or skype.

*Package must be completed within 6 months from purchase.

Coaching Packages

5 intuitive healing sessions/60 minutes  $595

10 intuitive healing sessions/ 60-80 minutes  $1225



sitedesign_50Intuitive Business Consulting

Angela has been sought out by celebrities, entrepreneurs and executives for her intuitive advice and counsel in business. She enjoys working with organizations of all kinds around the country. Angela utilizes her intuitive abilities to provide her clients with clarity on how to successfully maneuver through obstacles, choosing the "right" partnerships/mergers, effective communication between clients and staff members, as well as how to avoid pitfalls that may greatly impact the future of your success. Recent studies have shown that politicans, CEO's, COO's, entrepreneurs, business owners, and celebrities are turning towards intuitive business consultants to gain an edge over their competition, while offering insights for navigating the "best" path towards creating a purposeful, desired outcome.

Intuitive Business Consulting includes:

-Building successful communication and rapport between owners/managers/employees

-Branding, logo alignment, mission statement, objectives, and purpose

-Creating a strategic plan to be implemented that will attain your desired results

-Assistance when hiring the "right" candidate for the position.

-One-day "in house"  life coaching sessions/ mini-workshops made available to all employees

-Feng Shui Design to balance the energy in the work environment.

Please email Angela for details and pricing.

 Next Step: Please call 720-837-7568 or email to schedule an appointment. Cancellation Policy – Any appointment not cancelled within 24 hours will be charged to the client.
“My sister has given me the gift of a reading with Angela for the past three years.  Her wise counsel has impacted my life and the lives of my family members physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  Her insight has helped us forge our future paths and helped us reconcile our pasts. Her gifts are numerous and her spirit is kind and generous. A reading with Angela is easily my favorite birthday gift.” -Kate