“Angela is the real deal. She’s as genuine as the day is long and truly blessed with an amazing ability to help you in whatever you need to live a rich and fulfilling life. She sure has helped me.”

— Z. J. Czupor

“My name is Elizabeth Chambers. The first time I met Angela Lenhardt. I asked her to give me a reading. The things she told me were things no one could have known. She told me things about my brother and mother that I had no clue about. I asked my mother about the things that were seen for me to know about them and she verified and confirmed that what I was told was true. I asked her why she had not told me and she said she did not want to alarm me. Angela has helped me in many ways by her reading.

I truly believe she is a very specially gifted person, an angel, and channels with the angels. She is truly blessed. Because I was told the truth by Angela, we are all willing to work on the illness and possible passing of my brother and mother in the near future. She has truly assisted me in the realization of the here and the now. Blessings, Love and Light.”

— Elizabeth Chambers

“I have known Angela for quite a few years and have seen her abilities grow as she grows. There has always been a gifted spirituality about Angela. She just knows!”

— Mary McCullough

“Angela has provided me thoughtful clarity in good and difficult times. She is always spot on and has a client for life.”

— Kevin

“My sister has given me the gift of a reading with Angela for the past three years. Her wise counsel has impacted my life and the lives of my family members physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Her insight has helped is forge our future paths and helped us reconcile our pasts. Her gifts are numerous and her her spirit is kind and generous. A reading with Angela is easily my favorite birthday gift.”

— Kate

“I have known Angela Lenhardt for over ten years. I met her when events in my life seemed to be flowing so rapidly and easily, and our conversations were casual. Over the following months and years, changes happened. I sought many of these changes, though I did not actively realize this in the beginning. Over the years, Angela’s talent became more apparent to me as she could see events in my life before I shared them with her. She then began to frame for me the choices that were coming, which I learned over time were much more insightful and valuable to me than the events themselves. She helped me to better know and be myself.

When all this began, I was not seeking a person to tell my fortune, though I have absolutely no doubt now of her abilities to traverse time and space with her insight. Sometimes we would go weeks or months with little contact, and at other times, we spoke every other week. In both cases, Angela knew when I had experienced a disruptive event, a celebration, a great relief or what I perceived as a failure. She helped me to process it, and choose my path forward.

In one set of examples over several years and job changes, she helped me to learn that by seeing a gift that I have which is a capacity for managing change. The changes/disruptions I was experiencing were critical to my growth, and to the growth and health of others around me, and were opportunities for me to develop myself and enable others. Her guidance included moral questions for discussion and exploring my feelings, as well as the practical details of “If I make this change with my family, are we going to be OK financially?” She has been 100% spot on with her guidance. To be clear, it was still up to me to figure stuff out, and I was responsible for doing the very best I could with what I had, but I’m far from perfect, I made mistakes, and yet I feel I am one of the most blessed people on the planet.

In another case, the death of a relative was tearing at the fabric of some members of the family who were not ready to release them. There was deep sadness being carried by the living, and they were concerned that the individual’s death had been possibly due in part to another’s negligence. Angela was able to connect me with spirit of the individual who had passed. It was not a spooky session, it was beautiful and loving and it flooded me with such great peace, coming from the assurance that the person was ready to go, their body’s failure was in some sense brought about because of this acceptance, and they were now in a much better place ad fully at peace. I did not even know them well personally, and yet the connection was as though I had spent my life with them.

So here’s the thing about this stuff for me: the more willing I am to look at myself, my choices, my behaviors through the eyes of someone I trust, as I do Angela, the more her gifts of being present, aware and insightful aid me to further my goals of improving my health, self awareness and ability to be fully self expressed in service to others. I highly recommend her, but do know that she cannot live your life for you or guarantee a certain outcome, She is a navigator, the choices are still very much your own.”

— Bruce

“Angie truly has a magical gift that she shared with me years ago. My friend was murdered and she was able to tell me exactly how, who, when and where. I was fortunate to hear what actually happened in her death and then 4 years later it came out in the trial and she nailed it. Even to this day it gives me the chills that she was so accurate in her insight.”

— Cheryl B

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