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Angela Lenhardt is a highly sought after inspirational storyteller, intuitive and spiritual teacher, and best-selling author of her book, A Charmed Journey: An Inspired Guide to Personal Transformation. Internationally best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “A Charmed Journey is a marvel of a book. Chock full of advice for living a spiritually aligned life.”

Angela entertains and educates her audience on how to connect with the power of Intention and the art of transforming your life from the inside-out. As a spiritual mentor, she openly shares the sacred keys that she has been guided to teach from masters around the world while offering insights on why it is essential to listen to the ever-present Divine Intelligence that is continuously revealing your life’s purpose and mission.

Angela also relates valuable and personal insights for her audience.  She gives practical advice on how to cultivate loving and supporting relationships through “healing the cycle” of sabotaging thoughts, behaviors and patterns that may be unconsciously impeding your ability to experience inner peace and happiness.

Angela is a catalyst for change. Her motivational energy is enthusiastic, passionate, and influential as she shares her inspirational message: “Live your Best Life. Be Authentic. Be Bold. Be YOU!  Use the internal gifts that you’ve been given and express the best version of who you are.   Infinite wisdom is always available if you choose to tap in and listen. The Universe wants you to succeed, live a glorious life and master yourself along the way.  There isn’t anyone more committed to living your life than you.  Go For It!”


Angela’s Keynote topics include:

✰Intuition in the Marketplace! Listening to your intuition is the key to your inner and outer success! During this talk, you’ll walk away with the wisdom on how to effectively “tune” into your inner voice when making the best decisions that will not only impact your life, but in the lives around you!  Listening to your instincts will put you on the “right” path for attracting opportunities and cultivating relationships that will open doors to MORE Success, happiness and paying clients!

✰Heal your Life. Understanding these life- changing insights will have a profound impact for healing your mind, body and spirit. Learn how to move beyond the “story” of your past, and grant yourself the emotional freedom for living the life you truly desire!

✰Relationships! Learn the art of building authentic and powerful relationships, personally and professionally–and this process begins with creating a solid foundation in “Knowing Thyself.”  I will share foundational principles and intuitive insights on how to built a trusting relationship with yourself, which will make a difference in every aspect of your life.

Angela also offers full and half-day workshops at the location of your choice. 

***Small and Large group workshops***

These workshops are designed for either a small or large group in which Angela will hand-craft the message to fit the needs of your desired intention. Her topics include: Intuition, Spirituality, Health, Healing, and Relationships. At the conclusion of each talk, there will be an opportunity for members from the audience to ask questions in a group discussion.


Contact Information: 720-837-7568

Angela is available as an Expert Intuitive & Relationship Coach for:

  • inspirational Live Audience Events
  • Tv and Radio Appearances

Hear Angela In Action:

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“I have known Angela for quite a few years and have seen her abilities grow as she grows. There has always been a gifted spirituality about Angela. She just knows!”                           -Mary McCullough

“Angela is the real deal. She’s as genuine as the day is long and truly blessed with an amazing ability to help you in whatever you need to live a rich and fulfilling life. She sure has helped me.”            -Z. J. Czupor

“Angela is an exceptionally gifted reader.  The information she receives is very specific and accurate.  She helped me tremendously with a situation concerning my son, in which, her insight and prediction truly helped to save his life. I have received many readings in my life from many different practitioners; I highly recommend Angela for her clarity, accuracy, and connection.”             -Barbara