The Body’s “Secret” Language

Do you know that your body’s innate wisdom is constantly providing you with valuable insights regarding your well-being? Yes!  Your body is a highly intelligent and intuitive vehicle that is constantly communicating with you; signaling whether or not you are making wise choices before taking a leap of faith. 

 This is a simple exercise you can utilize when wanting to gain clarity through connecting with your body’s wisdom concerning a particular situation in areas such as: health, travel, relationships, career choices, plus many others. In most situations, it’s imperative to ask in order to receive…and then be willing to act on the “ah-ha   moments” or the “subtle signs” that are begging for attention.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself actively “in” the new environment, or perhaps, standing next to the person you feel an attraction towards. Whatever the case, submerse yourself “in” that situation. Then take a deep breath and ask yourself,  “Is this ____________(fill in the blank) in my highest and best good?” Immediately, become aware of your initial  “gut” reaction.  What sensation is happening in your belly? Are you energized and feeling excited or is your stomach doing flip-flops in a not-so-good kind of way?  Do you feel like something is “off” but you just can’t put your finger on it?  Do your eyes feel tired?  These are examples of the various ways your body may be speaking to you.  Take note:  If it doesn’t feel good and your energy is being depleted, it may be wise to re-think your options.   

These are a few ideas on how the body chooses to grab your attention, but ultimately, your perception of your body’s language is up to you.  Value yourself.  Your time, energy and body are sacred.  Never sacrifice the best version of who you are to accommodate someone else’s happiness or waste precious time in an environment that will eventually make you sick. You are an infinite being with unlimited potential.  Surrounded yourself with healthy individuals who feed your Spirit, support, and inspire you to continuously learn and grow in this journey called life.