Turning on Your Internal GPS

What is intuition? A gut instinct, the 6th sense, random ideas or thoughts that seem “right” . . . or is it that “little voice” inside of your head, challenging you to question your logical reasoning? The answer is: all of the above. Intuition can be referred to in a variety of ways, including: the voice of Spirit or God, tuning in to Divine Intelligence, “messages,” or whatever label resonates the best with you! Regardless of what you call it, choosing to listen to and trust your intuition can be one of the most rewarding gifts you will ever use to create amazing opportunities and manifest a happy, healthy and soul-filled life – that is, if you choose to BELIEVE.

Intuition is just a tool, however. Each one of us has the ability to tap into our inner knowing—our “internal GPS”—but it is definitely a personal decision. What do I mean by using “intuition” as a tool? Well, just like a GPS, using my intuition gives me accurate directions for pursuing my path (providing that I’m following the signs the universe is showing me).

Here’s another example of using intuition as a tool for living a better life. If you’re building a house, you might find a power drill useful, right? It can do things in seconds that would take many minutes (if not hours) by hand. You may not need to use a power drill, but it sure could make building a house easier. Similarly, intuition can be used as your “internal power tool,” allowing you to build a solid foundation upon which you can live the life of your dreams.

Over the years of honing my intuitive skills, I have found the following process helpful in amping up my intuition, thereby providing needed clarity during challenging or stressful situations.

Turn off the chatter! When my mind is filled with too much “noise”—this concern or that issue or this problem or that deadline—I know I need to give myself the gift of some space. It’s time for me to clear out some room for “inner guidance” to come in and illumine me, revealing to me the best response to what I’m dealing with.

I’ve learned that I receive a majority of my “intuitive hits” or “divine advice” when I’m walking in nature, on a run, or lying on the floor and stretching. I realize finding “extra” time to sit and quiet the mind may be difficult for some (maybe you?), considering the hectic lifestyles many folks lead. But here is an easy and helpful practice I use on a daily basis: whenever you’re in your car, while driving from Point A to Point B, turn off the stereo and pay attention to the task at hand . . . driving.

Believe it or not, when you take your mind off of the immediate issue or concern and focus on another project, when you come back to thinking about your previously “pressing dilemma,” an intuitive answer or insightful solution will often present itself . . . simply because you’ve given your mind a break from the noise!

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Cheers to a Happy and Inspired Life!

🙂 Angela

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